Perfect Illusion

You don’t get to tell me how I should respond to the ignorance shown towards homosexuality. Especially as a straight person, unless you have experienced being gay you just don’t get to say anything. It’s like me telling a black person how to respond to racism or women how to respond to misogyny, I have no idea of their experience, therefore, I will not assume to counsel them on whether they should and/or how they should respond.


I posted this photo on Instagram in response to a claim made by a prominent New Zealand Pastor claiming gays were part of the weight of sin that caused an earthquake at 7.4 on the richter scale, this earthquake happened the day after the sermon was preached. As you can imagine the country went into over drive with even the Prime Minister calling such comments ridiculous and bigoted. Anyway, someone commented on my post – I admit it [my post] was sarcastic yes but they said “Don’t give that any attention bro, that’s what hate feeds off! Xo”. As if the ‘xo’ wasn’t condescending enough I thought how this right here is the problem. This neutrality shown by people to avoid the discussion around such issues especially with Christians I notice too, this whole idea to forgive and not hate – I get it, I really do but so many Christians in my experience – after thirty years in the church myself – lack the awareness of what’s really going on in the world, therefore, lacking the ability to talk about it or just out right avoiding it. My post was a bit smart ass yes but my point is my friends responding comment just automatically puts a plug on the issue, a “lets not talk about it” mentality. I’m not saying yell and scream at everyone, I’m saying address it! How else do we deal with these things ?  Ironically it is the churches mission to go out and change the world but how do you change a world you know nothing about ? I respect all the prayer and fasting and reading your bible but don’t lose sight of having to know that world in a very practical manner.

Just random thoughts maybe…